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The Benefits Of Fifi Litter

Superior Odor Control

A unique formulation of Unscented Sodium Bentonite and Activated Carbon that helps to control odor without any artificial scent agent. With Silica Technology helps to enhance odor control which is perfect for a multi-cat family.

Ultimate Clumping

The high-quality sodium bentonite, forms hard clumps fast that don’t break easily making it easier to scoop and clean up. With Silica Technology, it hardens the clumps more effectively.

Better Saving

The high moisture absorption, litter usage can last longer and thus a better saving. With Silica Technology, it absorbs higher moisture and makes it last much longer, as a result, it worth the value especially for a multi-cat family.

Tracking Control

Low tracking formula using heavy granules that leave your home free of dusty paw prints. Thus prevent a mess in your home.

Low Dust Feature

Avoid allergy and increase comfort as it is an important factor in controlling respiratory disease in Feline.

Anti Bacteria

The 1st Anti-bacteria cat litter technology to prevent diarrhea. It is a Safe, Non-Toxic, and Natural Biodegradable Litter.

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